Our store has a second chance section that has good condition used crafting supplies. These are not shown on our website as our inventory is constantly changing however is a great place to pick up craft supplies at lower prices.


We will buy your good condition second use crafting supplies. Second use crafting supplies are not required to be unopened however, it needs to be able to be used by someone else. 

All items must be free of mold, mildew and animal hair/smells. 

Below are the guidelines for product purchasing at J’s DIY.

  1. Put your products into a bag or box clearly labeled with your name.
  2. Download and print the intake form (form is also available in store.). Intake form must be filled out for each box/bag.
  3. Drop your box/bag off in store during regular business hours. 
  4. After receiving your product, our staff will go through your box and ensure all products are in good condition and evaluate your items. We will reach out to you via email within 10 days of receiving your products with an offer to purchase. 
  5. Upon acceptance of our offer, J’s DIY will send you an email transfer for the amount within 2 business days. If you decide not to accept our offer, your items will be available to pick up. You will have 7 days to pick up your items before we will assume you have accepted the offer and proceed unless you make other arrangements with us. Any offer under $10 will be given as store credit. 

What will we pay?

We look at all items in regards to their resell ability as well as the quantity currently on hand.  Re-sell ability considers the condition of the item including quality of the item, whether it’s new in package or nearly empty.  We conduct market research to determine the item’s current market value using sources like Amazon, eBay, Kijiji and other crafting retailers.  Craft items depreciate like a car.  You may have paid a lot for it brand new, but if market demand doesn’t want your item, it influences the resale price and whether or not it can be sold.  That translates into how much we will pay you.  Please understand we sell these items at a discounted rate and based on our resale prices, we can’t give you as much as you may like.  You may want to try marketplace or kijiji before you bring your items to us. You have the option to reject our offer.  If that is the case, you will need to pick up your items within a week of your response.


Our goal is to offer low cost crafting supplies to the community. We will gladly accept donations of crafting supplies that are in usable condition. This includes used crayons, pencil crayons and markers. A portion of the proceeds from donated items will be donated to various charities within the community. 


We will consign craft machines and supplies worth over $75. Please email [email protected] to discuss consignment options. We will not take walk-in consignments. 

Items that we will take on consignment: Good condition sewing machines at our discretion (No more than 3 in store at any time), Silhouette, Cricut, Heat Presses, etc.


519-307-8900 | [email protected]

Tuesday-Friday 4pm-7pm
Saturday 9am-3pm
Sunday and Monday Closed